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Our aim is to please our guests. We are committed to giving everyone of you a unique life experience in the countryside. This is our goal. Our family is aware that we ourselves are in fact guests of nature. In line with the conviction that respect and tolerance are fundamental, we try to remain as much as possible in harmony with the flora and fauna of the place, and we also do our best to minimize the environmental impact. That’s why we choose not to use pesticides on our crops, we choose to produce less but with greater care, we choose not to ward off wild animals with poisoned bait, we choose not to change the room laundry every day (except at the express request of the guests), we choose to utilize energy from the sun as much as possible.
We are more than happy to meet the needs of our guests who may have different habits. For example, we know choosing a country holiday often means unplugging from the rest of the world, but not everyone is ready to give up keeping up to date with current affairs so we have installed a Wi-Fi network with internet access; some people may wish to change their clothes more often and so we have an area equipped with washing machine and drying in the sun; If some insect decides to disturb your sleep we are ready to provide you an electric diffuser and ecotags to keep them away… Wish to stay for dinner? Just let us know. Are you are planning to spend the day around and want a packed lunch? We will be delighted to prepare it for you. Is the check-in time not compatible with your needs? we are sure we can work something out!
We are simple people and we offer you a holiday of simplicity. However, we are always available to you and, whenever possible, to meet your demands.